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Nipparts Products

When Asian cars conquered Europe, replacement parts were hard to get. Workshops had to turn to dealerships to buy expensive factory spare parts. The rising demand for affordable, yet high quality replacement parts sparked the birth of a new company. This company was suitably called Nipparts, as it initially focussed on replacement parts for cars from Japan or "Nippon", as it is called in Japanese. Over the years, however, Nipparts expanded its range and used its expertise to manufacture Korean cars parts as well.
One of Nipparts key success factors is its in house product development. This allows Nipparts to maintain its strict "value for money"-policy, offering OE matching quality at affordable prices. A policy that proved very successful over the last 30 years, giving Nipparts the resources to grow into a leading brand and to expand its product range, resulting in unrivaled market coverage and an excellent availability. 
A winning strategy is worth continuing, so Nipparts keeps doing what it does best: developing new products and new products lines for workshops that want to keep their customers mobile at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. Every month Nipparts adds about 100 references of OE quality matching products to its range, even offering the latest technologies like ABS sensors and air mass meters. Nipparts car parts are BER-certified and always available at our distribution partners.
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