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CV Boots

Drive shafts connect the output shafts of the gearbox either to a differential or to the wheels. To cope with different angles when the suspension works or when the wheels steer, the drive shafts are equipped with flexible joints, called CV-joints.

CV joints consist of a hollow hub on the end of one shaft and a round knob on the other. Both the inside of the hub and the knob feature slots. A steel ball in each slot transfers power and allow movement in all angles. High-pressure grease inside the joint protects the joint from wear and reduces friction. A flexible sleeve, called a CV boot, covers the joint. For optimum flexibility and to absorb changes in length, the rubber CV-boots features a harmonica shape.

The rubber CV boot protects the joint from dirt, water, salt and sand underneath the car. In time, these elements take their toll on the boot itself, as do high temperatures and constant movement and stretching. Cracks may occur, letting dirt and sand penetrate the joint and letting grease escape.

A cracked CV boot no longer protects the CV joint, leading to its destruction. That's why the condition of the CV boots has to be checked periodically, cracked CV boots have to be changed immediately.

Nipparts offers a wide range of CV boots for Japanese and Korean cars. These boots are made of flexible and durable rubber with a high resistance to oil, sand, salt and water for a long lifespan. CV boots come with the clamps needed for installation.

Nipparts CV Boots
  • Wide range available
  • Made of flexible and durable rubber
  • Resistant to oil, sand, salt and water
  • Complete with clamps needed for installation
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