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Clutch Kits

A clutch is a friction plate, pressed between the flywheel and a pressure plate. A large disc spring, called a diaphragm spring, pushes the pressure plate towards the flywheel. When driver disengages the clutch, a lever pushes the centre of the diaphragm spring until it flips inside out, disengaging the clutch plate. A bearing between the lever and the diaphragm spring facilitates a low friction contact between the stationary lever and the spinning clutch spring.

Clutches have become high tech parts over the years. The clutch plate typically consists of two friction rings, riveted to a steel carrier plate. The carrier plate is suspended on a base plate by vibration damping springs, which make sure the clutch engages smoothly and which dampen flywheel vibrations.

The pressure group consists of housing, a pressure plate and a diaphragm spring. The diaphragm spring pivots on rivets in the housing and pushes the pressure plate towards the flywheel, to which the housing is bolted. As the diaphragm spring cannot transmit radial forces, the pressure plate is connected to the housing by pull rods, usually consisting of flat spring-steel strips.

A clutch has a hard life. It is subject to shocks, high temperatures from slip friction, metal fatigue from vibration and incessant operation. If the clutch material is worn, the diaphragm spring usually lost strength as well, while the clutch pressure bearing is worn too. Usually, the gearbox has to be removed and the clutch has to be dismantled completely to gain access to the clutch plate. Therefore, it is good policy to change all wear parts in one go. That's why Nipparts offers complete clutch kits, comprising all parts needed for a complete and professional clutch overhaul.

Nipparts clutch parts are made from the best friction material and are produced according to OE standards and specifications, to guarantee a flawless operation and a long lasting life span.

Nipparts Clutch Kits
  • All parts for a professional clutch overhaul in one kit
  • High quality friction material
  • High grade steel and diaphragm spring
  • Made to OE specification
  • OE matching quality
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