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Timing Belts

Many modern cars feature belt driven camshafts. A timing belt is a toothed belt, running over toothed gears. The belt is made of a synthetic rubber compound around a glass fibre harness to provide strength and prevent elasticity, as the teeth are not allowed to jump over the teeth.

A timing belt is a wear item. A worn timing belt can break or skip teeth. On most modern cars, the pistons will hit the valves when this happens, causing a severe engine damage. That's why timing belts have to be replaced at the intervals specified by the car manufacturer. Typical intervals are 60.000, 80.000 or 120.000 km.

Car manufacturers use different kind of timing belts. The width can be different and the teeth may have different shapes. Some have trapezium shaped teeth, others use rounded teeth. These are not interchangeable, it is important to use the specific belt designed for a specific car.

Nipparts offers a wide range of timing belts for Japanese and Korean cars. Nipparts timing belts are tailored to OE specifications and are manufactured using the best materials and advanced production techniques. That way Nipparts timing belts ensure a reliable life span that lasts beyond the intervals specified by the car manufacturers, if fitted correctly.

Nipparts Timing Belts
  • High quality rubber
  • Durable harness
  • OE matching quality
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