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Fuel Filters

Though most fuel companies manufacture high quality fuels and modern fuel stations take great care to prevent dirt from getting into the fuel, experience learns that there is always a small quantity of dirt getting into your fuel tank. It comes from the fuel, from open filler caps when refuelling, from scraping the tank nozzle into the filler tube, from rust inside the tank and from deterioration of rubber hoses.

Dirt can do a lot of damage in the fuel system of a car. It can damage fuel pumps, jam needles of electromagnetic injectors and clog the very fine injector holes in the tip of the injector. That's why it is important to filter dirt and particles out before they reach the sensitive parts of the fuel system. And of course, the filter has to be replaced before it is saturated with dirt. That's why the car manufacturer's service interval should be respected.

Fuel filters are pretty straightforward items. But even simple items can cause damage or malfunction if they fail. So the filter material and the seals must be high quality and, nowadays, be able to withstand bio-fuel components. Non-return valves, if present, must close flawlessly and casings and fuel connectors must be sturdy. So even when buying fuel filters, it is essential to choose high quality products, like Nipparts fuel filters.

Nipparts offers a wide range of high quality fuel filters for Japanese and Korean cars. Nipparts fuel filters meet the highest standards and fully comply with OE requirements.

Nipparts Fuel Filters
  • Sturdy construction
  • Bio fuel resistant
  • OE matching quality
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