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Wheel Bearing Kits

Wheel bearings allow a wheel to turn at high speeds and at a very low friction rate, despite the heavy loads they have to bear. The typical wheel bearing consist of two rings with "rolling objects" in between, being balls or cones. As the balls or cones don't slide but roll, they hardly generate any friction.

The weights of the car, the suspension action as well as the driving and braking forces are transmitted over the bearings. That means all the forces are transferred by the miniscule touching areas of the rollers and the inner and outer bearing rings (racers). Therefore, the bearings have to be made from the strongest, most durable steel, while the running surfaces have to be polished and hardened to keep wear down to a minimum, aided by an efficient coat of grease. A pair of seals prevents grease from leaving the hub and dirt from entering the bearings.

Wheel bearings are a very important safety item of a car. A failing bearing usually starts with a humming sound. However, if wear leads to excessive play, stability may be endangered. In worst cases, the wheel may lock up by seizing rollers, or even come off entirely. Needless to say that at the earliest signs of bearing failure, the bearings must be replaced.

On modern cars, hubs may be equipped with interchangeable bearings, sometimes they are integrated in the hub design. In both cases, Nipparts is the right choice for wheel bearing kits for Asian cars. Nipparts bearings are high-tech products offering the same quality as the original car manufactures bearings. Nipparts wheel bearing kits include all of the parts required for the repair and replacement of the wheel bearings, like seals, nuts, or split pins.

Nipparts Wheel bearing Kits
  • High quality steel
  • Hardened surfaces
  • High quality seals
  • High precision manufacturing
  • OE-matching quality
  • All required repair parts included
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