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Shock Absorbers

When it comes to stability, comfort and handling, shock absorbers are as important as springs. Shock absorbers have many tasks. They should assist the springs when absorbing sudden bumps, they should dampen the upwards movement of the car after hitting a bump and they should also dampen body roll, pitching and rocking.

Most shock absorbers feature a piston that moves inside an oil-filled tube. When the piston moves up and down, the oil has to flow through little holes in the piston. Most of the holes, however, are blocked by spring-loaded rings. As piston speed and oil pressure rises, the oil pressure pushes the rings against the spring load, freeing more and more holes to let the oil come through.

The number and stiffness of the rings determine the damping characteristics of the damper, which is different for compression and rebound damping. The characteristics are tuned specifically to the specific car for which the damper is designed. This means shock absorbers are a complicated piece of technology, offering a delicate balance between the weight of the car, the weight of the wheels, the spring rates and the stiffness of the tires.

As shock absorbers are subject to fierce, constant movements in rough, dirty and wet conditions, they have a limited life span. The life span can vary by sort of car, car weight, driving style and type of roads. Car drivers usually don’t notice when shock absorbers degrade, as this progresses slowly over time. The rider “wears along” with the absorber, constantly adapting to the way the car behaves. Independent research, however, shows that most shock absorbers are worn after 80.000 km, sometimes even sooner. Indicators for worn shock absorbers are when the front dives when braking, the rear dives when accelerating, when the car bottoms out on bumps or when the car feels bouncy. It can also roll too much in corners, feel loose or display uneven tire wear.

Nipparts offers a wide range of high quality replacement shock absorbers for most Japanese and Korean cars. Nipparts shock absorbers are made to OE specifications, so ensure that suspension characteristics are restored to the original values. Nipparts shock absorbers are assembled using high quality materials to create an OE matching quality and life span, but at a more affordable price.

Nipparts shock absorbers:
  • Tuned to OE characteristics
  • OE matching quality
  • Coated for rust prevention
  • Available for most Japanese and Korean cars
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