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Dual Mass Flywheels

Ideally, a flywheel turns at a smooth, constant pace. Unfortunately, in real life it doesn't. The driving forces of each piston and connecting rod come in pulses, as do the gravitational forces of all the reciprocating parts inside the engine. The result is that the flywheel constantly accelerates and decelerates, passing on vibrations and high torque pulses to the transmission. This causes discomfort for the driver and energy losses as well as fatigue and wear in the transmission.

The demand for more comfort and the need for fuel efficiency have lead to the development of the dual mass flywheel. As the name suggests, the dual mass flywheel consists of two iron masses or two flywheels, connected to each other by radial mounted coil springs. If the input flywheel experiences a pulse, it rotates a bit in relation to the output flywheel, compressing the springs. The compressed springs push the output flywheel, accelerating it more as the springs are compressed more. As the output flywheel is now a function of the spring force rather than of the input flywheel movement, the pulses are softened and vibrations dampened.

Initially, dual mass flywheels were used on diesel cars only, as diesel engines produce more vibrations than petrol engines. Nowadays, however, petrol engines are tuned to perform at lower engine speeds to save fuel, sometimes aided by turbo's or compressors to obtain high torque values despite the low revs. As engines vibrate more at low engine speeds, some of these petrol engines are now equipped with dual mass flywheels too.

Dual mass flywheels enhance comfort and improve fuel consumption, but are not entirely trouble free. When cracks occur or springs get weaker, the flywheel has to be replaced. And even though this is a relatively new development, Nipparts already has a considerable amount of dual mass flywheels available for the aftermarket. Nipparts dual mass flywheels are developed for optimum absorption of engine vibrations and are manufactured to OE standards to guarantee an optimum life span and enhanced comfort.

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Nipparts Dual Mass Flywheels
  • Optimum vibration absorption
  • High quality steel and springs
  • OE matching quality
  • Wide, expanding range available
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