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CV Joints

Drive shafts connect the output shafts of the gearbox or the differential to the wheels. As wheels go up and down when the suspension works, the position of the wheel hub as opposed to the gearbox changes, which means the drive shafts have to work in ever changing angles. On front wheels, the angle of the wheel hubs themselves change too when the car makes a turn.

Drive shafts are equipped with flexible joints to cope with the different angles. In the distant past, this was done by using "universal joints", basically a steel cross, one arm attached to the input shaft, the crossed arm attached to the output shaft. Especially on short shafts and large angles, the geometry of the crossed attachment caused a weird speed irregularity in the output shaft, giving vibrations. Though universal joints are still used in longer drive axles and propeller shafts, the invention of the constant velocity joint made the universal joint disappear on short drive shafts.

CV joints consist of a hollow hub on the end of one shaft and a round knob on the other. Both the inside of the hub and the knob feature slots. A steel ball in each slot transfers power and allows movement in all angles. The advantage of this construction is that there is no speed irregularity in the output shaft. That's why it is called a "constant velocity joint"

Though the quality of CV joints has improved massively over the last decades, they are still moving parts, prone to wear and tear, especially when broken CV-boots are neglected. Worn CV joints usually present themselves by a knocking sound, mostly in corners. Worn CV joints can't be repaired, they have to be replaced.

The quality of a CV joint largely depends on manufacturing tolerances, choice of steel quality and hardening of the slots and balls. After 30 years of experience with manufacturing high quality CV joints, Nipparts has the technology and the knowledge to produce durable CV-joints in OE matching quality. This way Nipparts is able to offer a wide range of friendly priced, high quality CV joints.

Nipparts CV joints:
  • High grade steel for durability
  • Precise manufacturing for flawless operation
  • OE matching quality
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