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Timing Chain Kits

In a car engine, the camshaft controls the opening and closing times of the inlet and exhaust valves. To guarantee an exact timing, the camshaft position has to stay in sync with the crankshaft. That's why car manufacturers choose either a toothed belt or a chain to connect the two shafts.

Some car manufacturers prefer a roller chain or morse chain, as these are maintenance free. Still, not all timing chains reach their designated life span. Wear may exceed expectations if low quality motor oil is used or if oil change intervals are neglected, causing the oil to deteriorate and lose lubricating capability. Sometimes cars just exceed their expected life, causing some engine parts to get to their wear limits.

A rattling sound from the engine usually indicates that the timing chain is worn and elongated beyond the adjusting range of the chain tensioner. Of course, a faulty chain tensioner or worn chain guides may also cause too much slack in the chain, resulting in the same rattle.

When replacing the timing chain, it is good policy to replace the chain guides as well, to eliminate all possible trouble sources and create a maximum life span for the new chain. For that reason, Nipparts offers timing chain kits, containing all parts needed for a durable chain exchange.

Nipparts timing chains are manufactured are made from high grade steel using high precision machinery for a precise fit and smooth, low wear surfaces, ensuring a silent operation and a life span that equals the original timing chain.

Nipparts timing chain kits
  • All needed parts present for durable chain exchange
  • High quality steel
  • High precision manufacturing
  • OE matching quality
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