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Tensioner Bearings Kits

Many cars are equipped with belt driven camshafts. A timing belt is a toothed belt, running over toothed gears. The belt is made of a synthetic rubber compound around a fibre harness to provide strength and prevent elasticity, as the belt teeth are not allowed to jump over the gear teeth.

A timing belt is a wear item. A worn timing belt can break or skip teeth. If that happens, the pistons will hit the valves, causing severe engine damage. That's why timing belts have to be replaced at the intervals specified by the car manufacturer. Typical intervals are 60.000, 80.000 or 120.000 km.

Timing belts usually run over a tensioner and - sometimes - over a second idler pulley to create a specific routing. Belt tensioners and idler pulleys are wear parts. The surface of the pulleys will wear down and get rough, the bearings inside the pulleys may run dry or develop excessive play, resulting in noisy operation, vibration and eventually seizing. That will cause the belt to snap, resulting in severe engine damage as well.

It is recommended to replace the tensioner pulley and idler pulley when replacing the timing belt. To support workshops, Nipparts offers complete timing belt kits, containing the belt, the tensioner and other pulleys. Nipparts belts and pulleys are made to OE specifications and offer top quality for an affordable price.

Timing Belt Kits
  • For time saving one-stop-shopping
  • Kits contains timing belt and all necessary pulleys
  • All kit parts are of OE matching quality
On some cars, the water pump is used as a tensioner. In that case, the water pump should also be replaced. Nipparts also provides special timing belt-water pump kits. See the special timing belt-water pump kit section on this website.
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