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Multi Ribbed Belts

Conventionally, crankshaft driven V-belts drove auxiliaries like water pumps and generators. If cars had very powerful generators and pumps, they would even featured double V-belts.

As time went by, generators got even more powerful and the amount of auxiliaries rose: air conditioner pumps, steering pumps for the powered steering, they all had to be powered by the same belts, running over more pulleys and more turns. The old V-belt couldn't cope with the turns and the friction, required to transfer all the driving forces from the pulleys to the belt surfaces.

These developments lead to the invention of the multi-ribbed belt. The large amount of V-shapes provide more surface for the pulley to transfer driving forces, creating less heat. The limited height of the V-shapes reduces tension in the surface when stretched and bent around pulleys and tensioner wheels.

Modern multi ribbed belts have a larger life span than conventional V-belts, but they don't last forever. In usage, the V-shapes will wear down, leaving less friction surface and causing slip. Slip causes high temperatures and accelerated wear and ageing of the rubber materials, causing cracks in the surface and, eventually, in the carcass of the belt, leading to a broken belt.

Broken belts are not just an inconvenience. A belt that breaks away can damage other car parts. Auxiliaries stop working if the belt is gone. A defective air conditioner may be annoying, but a non-functioning generator will render the car useless within thirty or forty kilometres. Not to mention what the effects of a non-functional steering pump are...

To prevent damage, it is essential that the multi-ribbed belts are checked for cracks and wear periodically and replaced at the intervals specified by the car manufacturer. And of course, we recommend using OE matching quality belts for replacement, to prevent future damage and to obtain the same life span as the original belt. Multi Ribbed Belts in OE-matching quality can be obtained at Nipparts dealerships. Check our free catalogue for availability.

Nipparts Ribbed Belt
  • High quality rubber for low ageing
  • High quality rubber for low wear
  • High strength carcass to prevent stretching
  • OE matching quality
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