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Head Gasket Kits

In car engines, the cylinder heads and the engine blocks are manufactured separately and bolted together in assembly. A cylinder head gasket seals the joint between the two parts.

Sealing the combustion chamber must be the most difficult task a cylinder head gasket has to perform. It has to withstand combustion pressures up to 140 bar in petrol engines and over 200 bar in diesels. It has to be flexible enough to absorb and compensate the deformations of the cylinder block and the head, even if they are made of different materials with different heat-expansion characteristics. Meanwhile it has to cope with aggressive, modern bio-fuels as well as combustion temperatures up top 2.500 degrees Celsius, while it also seals the coolant and oil channels, with temperatures varying from 80 to 150 degrees and oil pressures up to 10 bar.

To cope with all its different demands, Cylinder head gaskets have become sophisticated engineering assemblies, using different layers and different materials pressed together in one gasket to live up to the expectations. And they do, cylinder head gasket failures may have been common 30 years ago, but are quite rare these days. If a gasket has to be replaced, it's usually because the engine has been dismantled to solve other mechanical issues.

When replacing a cylinder head gasket, it is absolutely vital to use a gasket made to the same standards, of the same materials and with the same characteristics as the original one, to ensure that it provides a seal with the same durability. After more than 30 years of experience with manufacturing cylinder head gaskets for Asian cars, Nipparts has the technology to produce top quality cylinder head gaskets, matching or even exceeding OE quality.

When you reassemble an engine, you never need just a cylinder head gasket though. As valve covers, in- and exhaust manifolds and several tubes, leads and casings are dismantled to remove the head from the cylinder, you will need a wide range of different seals, gaskets and O-rings to rebuilt the engine. That's why Nipparts Cylinder Head Gasket kits come with all the gaskets and seals you might need to finish your rebuilt.

Nipparts Cylinder Head Gasket Kits
  • Same materials and characteristics as original cylinder head gasket
  • OE-matching quality
  • Kits come with all the gaskets and seals required for rebuilding the head section of the engine
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