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Glow Plugs

Diesel cars rely on spontaneous combustion of injected diesel fuel. To initiate the combustion, the temperature in the combustion chamber must reach a minimum temperature.

When the engine is warm, the high compression will cause a temperature rise, which is high enough to get the desired spontaneous combustion. When the engine is cold, the temperature rise may not be enough to ignite the diesel fuel. That's why diesel engines are equipped with so-called "glow plugs".

When a glow plug is activated, an electrical current is sent through a resistance wire in the tip of the plug, generating heat. The tip of the plug starts to glow, emitting enough heat to burn the diesel when starting the engine. After starting the engine, glow plugs will keep glowing for a short amount of time to improve combustion and reduce emissions.

Defective, poor functioning or low quality glow plugs can cause starting difficulties and increase cold start emissions. Faulty glow plugs should therefore be replaced by high quality items, like Nipparts glow plugs. Nipparts glow plugs are manufactured to OE standards and guarantee problem-free starts due to a high glowing temperature and short warm-up time of 3 seconds only.

Nipparts glow plugs
  • High quality resistance wire
  • Short warm-up time
  • OE matching fit and finish
  • OE Matching quality
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