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Distribution kit incl. water pump

Car Manufacturers make their engines as compact and efficient as possible. Combining functions saves space and production costs. That's why the timing belt often drives the water pump too. Sometimes the water pump is used as a tensioner for the timing belt. It's efficient, but there's a downside: water pumps are wear parts. When the pump seals are worn, water will flush lubricant from the water pump shaft bearings, causing them to fail. Excessive play on the water pump shaft or seizing of the shaft will cause damage to the timing belt, which can result in severe engine damage.

As water pump damage can be disastrous and replacing the water pump involves dismantling the distribution anyway, car manufacturers often recommend combining the tasks and replacing the water pump as a precaution, when servicing the timing belt. This will eventually save the customer money and reduce the risk of breakdown.

To support workshops, offering easy and time saving "one-stop-shopping", Nipparts recently developed combined Distribution-Water Pump Kits for Japanese and Korean cars. These kits contain all relevant components needed to replace the timing belt and water pump. As customary for Nipparts products, all the kit components are of OE-matching quality.

Nipparts Distribution-Water Pump Kits:
  • Prevent mechanical failures
  • Save time and money in maintenance
  • Offer time and money saving "one stop shopping"
  • Complies with OE-recommendation to execute complete repairs
  • OE-matching quality
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