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Air Filters

Airborne dirt and sand particles are very hazardous to an engine. They pollute the intake system, blocking jets, sensors and air passages. Dirt and sand are also very abrasive. They are able to sand down pistons, cylinder walls, piston rings and bearings and wear an engine down very rapidly.

Air filters prevent dirt from entering the engine. Filters are made from impregnated, porous paper or compressed plastic fibres. The material is folded like a harmonica to create a big filtering surface and low air resistance. The paper is porous, which means it consist of millions of tiny pores. The pores let the air pass, but particles bigger than the pore size will be trapped.

As dirt particles block the air passages that trap them, there are less and less pores to provide air when a filter gets dirty. That's why a dirty air filter has an increased air resistance. As the performance of the engine directly depends on the amount of air it can inhale, a clogged air filter will seriously affect the performance of your car. Therefore, air filters must be replaced periodically. Experts advise changing your air filter every 15.000 km or at least once a year.

Replacement air filters come in different qualities. Low quality filters use a single layer construction, trapping big and small particles at the same level, clogging the filter rapidly. The high quality filters feature a 3D or multi-layer construction, filtering bigger parts in high layers and letting small particles penetrate the material more deeply, thus increasing the capacity of the filter and maintaining a low air resistance for a longer period. Also, the attachment of the filter paper in its mould and the fit in the air box is not always flawless in cheap filters.

After more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing air filters for Japanese and Korean cars, Nipparts has the knowledge and technology to produce air filters in OE matching quality, guaranteeing a large lifespan, a perfect fit and optimum protection of your engine. Nipparts air filters are available for just about every Asian car.

Nipparts Air Filters
  • High capacity
  • Long life span
  • Perfect fit and seal
  • Low air resistance
  • OE matching quality
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