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All systems in a car are controlled by input signals. Sometimes these signals come from complicated sensors; sometimes they come from straightforward mechanical or electronic switches. To activate the rear backing-up lights, for instance, a cam inside the gearbox will push a mechanical switch, which will connect the voltage of an input wire to an output wire, signalling a can-bus computer to turn on the lights or switching them on directly, depending on the car. Another example is the temperature switch, which will activate the ventilator when the coolant in the radiator is reaching a certain temperature.

There are many different sorts and sizes of switches, from ignition switches to engine management switches and headlight switches. They all require a different design and different characteristics to suit their purpose and the designated construction of the specific cars.

Over the decades, Nipparts developed a wide range of high quality sensors for Asian and European cars to offer workshops a cost effective alternative to the often high-priced OE products. Nipparts switches are manufactured to OE matching quality to ensure a perfect fit and flawless operation.

Nipparts Switches
  • OE-matching quality
  • Designed to match OE characteristics
  • Perfect fit
  • Wide range with ample references
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