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Spark Plug Cables

Spark Plug Cables are used to connect the ignition coils or distributor caps to the spark plugs. They have to withstand voltages well up to 30.000 Volts. These voltages can cause a very high "Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI), especially if a cheap copper core is used. High quality core cables reduce EMI, some cables even have separate resistors or embroidered conductive jackets to shield off EMI.

Of course, high voltage has a tendency to spark away to adjacent car parts, if the insulation of the copper core isn't up to scratch. It shouldn't spark anywhere but between the spark plug electrodes, so a high quality outer shell is important to insulate the core from the outside world. The outer shell should also resist chemicals, heat and mechanical abuse, especially when disconnecting the leads from the spark plugs. Most cables feature some kind of reinforcement for extra strength, often made of fibreglass. For the same reason, the connectors should also be sturdy, well insulated and well connected to the spark plug cable.

There are many different sorts of cables. It is important is to fit the right cables, with the right connectors, the right resistance and the right EMI-suppression to guarantee flawless ignition. That's why Nipparts produces their spark plug cables exactly to the OE-manufacturers specifications and quality standards.

Nipparts Spark Plug Cables
  • High Quality cores
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Excellent EMI-suppression
  • Manufactured to OE specifications
  • OE-matching quality
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