Ever since the invention of the combustion engine, electrical components have been crucial to make cars and engines work. No petrol engine would work without an electrical spark from a spark plug, getting its high voltage from an ignition coil. The electricity itself comes from a crankshaft driven generator, which also charges a battery to store energy for the starter engine.

Even after an odd 130 years, the basic electrics on cars are still the same, though refined and improved by electronics to improve reliability and emissions. Computers, using signals from various sensors like air mass sensors, manifold pressure sensors, TDC-sensors and engine speed sensors as well as oxygen exhaust sensors, control both ignition and injection timing, replacing breaker points, mechanical ignition advancing systems and carburettors.

Over the last decades, car's have also been equipped with numerous safety and comfort systems, like ABS, ESP, cruise control, climate control and automatic gearboxes, as well as entertainment systems. These require ever more sensors, switches and other electrical parts.

Electronics have made cars more comfortable, safer and certainly more reliable. Even then, electrical and electronic parts can fail or wear down and need to be replaced if they do. That is why Nipparts offers a wide range of electric and electronic parts for Asian cars. Nipparts car parts are always made to OE-matching quality, but at a more affordable price.

As electronic systems change and develop continuously, Nipparts is also continuously developing new products and adding references to its range. You can check the availability of our parts in the free catalogue.
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