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Steering Parts

Car suspension has evolved enormously over the last decades. Thanks to spatial 3D designs, using several track rods and arms, the wheel positioning on the tarmac has improved massively, resulting in improved road behaviour. Also, comfort has been improved by decreasing NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness), using rubber bushings and rubber silent blocks to separate the cabin acoustically from the suspensions.

Track rod connections and ball joints, however, are moving parts, while rubber bushings that carry load - and suffer from torsion  - also have a limited life span. Especially as cars get heavier and heavier and traffic gets more frantic and intense every day, while roads gradually deteriorate by lack of maintenance and the amount of speed bumps, putting immense stresses on steering and suspension parts, is growing too.

To cut a long story short, suspension and steering parts are wear items and need regular check ups. Worn parts affect road behaviour, comfort and safety and should be replaced when worn. For that, Nipparts offers several product lines of suspension and steering parts, like pitman arms, idler arms, tie rod ends, axial joints, track control arms, ball joints, stabilizer links and bushings.  

Due to Nipparts extensive experience in developing steering and suspension parts, Nipparts products are equal to and often even better than OE parts. Nipparts steering and suspension parts are made with the best materials and tested before shipped. Also, Nipparts steering and suspension parts come with all necessary bolts for easy and safe assembly.

Nipparts steering and suspension parts:
  • Optimum steel quality ensuring a long lifetime
  • Thread quality and specifications equal to OE-specifications
  • Exact fitting like OE-parts
  • Parts are greased to ensure optimal performance
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