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Steering Parts Rubber/Metal

Suspensions trailing arms and anti-roll bars usually have a limited stroke, turning its pivot shafts over a couple of degrees only. At the same time, the arms and pivot shafts suffer severe mechanical loads when wheels bump into potholes and over bumps, hitting sidewalks and so on. A metal bearing or bearing bush wouldn't cope and would certainly not be able to dampen the blows or to soften the ride for the passengers. Rubber does, that's why many roll bars, track rods and trailing arms use rubber bushes in steel housings to connect them to the cars chassis.

Rubber bushes, however, aren't totally insensitive to the wear and tear of a suspension unit either. So in time they may wear out or burst, causing pour straight-line stability, a loose feel in corners and uneven tire wear, not to mention an increased level of NVH in the car.

For replacement of suspension bushings on Japanese and Korean cars, Nipparts offers a wide range of bushings. Nipparts bushings are manufactured using the best materials and meticulous tolerances, ensuring that all Nipparts bushings are up to OE standards - or even better.

Nipparts rubber/steel suspension bushings:
  • High quality rubber
  • Made to OE sizes and tolerances
  • OE Matching quality
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