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Steering Gaiter

A steering rack is a toothed bar, that moves from left to right and back, controlled by a gear that is connected to the steering rod and steering wheel. The bar slides inside a housing, which is bolted to the cars chassis. The bar has to operate the front wheel hubs, which swivel around the ball joints as you steer and move up and down as the car drives over bumps and potholes. The ever-moving attachment point location of the hub necessitates a pivoting connection from the steering rack to the hub, using a ball joint at both the hub side and the rack side.

As the connecting rod from the steering rack slides in and out and tilts, the connection and the rack itself has to be sealed and protected against dirt and sand by a flexible rubber bushing, known as a harmonica rubber or a steering gaiter. These gaiters are relatively thin to prevent resistance when operating the steering wheel. Combined with the aggressive environment underneath the car and behind the engine block, which radiates heat and sometimes spills oil, the gaiter rubber may decay over time and rupture.

Nipparts offers a wide range of replacement steering rack gaiter kits of OE matching quality, using a high quality rubber to guarantee an adequate life span. Nipparts steering gaiter kits include OE-type clamps, ensuring secure and easy fit.

Nipparts Steering Gaiter kits:
  • Optimum protection of inner ball joint and steering rack
  • Low operating resistance
  • Made to OE dimensions and quality
  • Available for most Asian cars
  • Kits come with OE type clamps
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