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Protection Kits

Worn shock absorbers seriously affect the stability, the tyre grip and the safety of a car. To protect the shock absorbers from wear and to increase their life span Nipparts now introduces a shock absorber protection kit.

Shock absorbers are high-tech parts, working in difficult circumstances. Underneath the car, they are subject to water, sand, dirt, while they have to deal with fierce forces and fast movements too. Sand and dirt can damage oil and gas seals. Failing seals let oil and nitrogen gas escape and allow water to penetrate. This dilutes the damper oil, which changes the damping characteristics of the absorber and causes rust as well.

Given the negative effects of worn shock absorbers on car handling and given the costs of replacement, it seems odd that everybody just accepts all the wear and tear, if it can be prevented. That's why Nipparts developed special Shock Absorber Protection Kits. These kits feature a set of dust sleeves and a set of compression dampers. The dampers assist the shock absorber in absorbing fierce movements of the suspension. The flexible sleeves, made of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), shield the piston rod and the seals from abrasive and corrosive elements underneath the car.

Nipparts Shock absorber protection kits improve stability and protect the shock absorbers from wear, thus improving the life span of the shock absorber. This improves safety, enhances comfort and decreases wear on other suspension parts. Nipparts shock absorber protection kits are available for Nipparts shock absorbers.

Nipparts shock absorbers protection kits:
  • Assist the shock absorber with fierce movements
  • Protect the piston rod and seals from dirt and corrosion
  • Extend life span of shock absorbers
  • Increase road stability and safety
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