Over the last decades, suspension and steering systems of cars have evolved tremendously. Suspensions have become more refined, offering smoother rides and better comfort due to a decreased level of NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness). At the same time, cars have become heavier, brakes have become stronger and even the smallest cars have power steering. These developments increase the load on steering and suspension parts, which wear down at an ever-faster rate.

The developments lead to a rising demand for affordable, yet high quality replacement chassis parts, which is Nipparts strong suit. With 30 years of experience and in house development, Nipparts has the expertise to create and offer a wide range of suspension and steering parts for Asian cars in OE matching quality, but at a more affordable price. Nipparts steering and suspension parts are only produced with the best materials and tested before being shipped.

A complete overview of every suspension and steering part available can be found in our free digital catalogue. Parts are shown as a clear graphic drawing, which makes it easier to identify and choose the right parts. Ordering the correct parts for your job has never been easier.
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