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Wheel Brake Cylinders

In a hydraulic drum brake, the wheel brake cylinder converts the hydraulic pressure from the master brake cylinder into force and motion, pushing the brake shoes against the inside of a brake drum to create friction.

The typical wheel brake cylinder consists of a steel tube with two opposed pistons inside. The pistons move outwards until the brake shoe touches the drum, after which they build up the operating force. As the two pistons share the same bore, they experience the same fluid pressure and put out the same force. A rubber seal on each piston secures the pressure and prevents leaks. A dust seal on both ends of the cylinder protects the pistons from dirt penetration. A bleed nipple on the rear of the brake cylinder allows draining air from the braking system.

A wheel brake cylinder is a key component in the most important safety system of a car. Reliability is one of its main demands. That means the cylinder and pistons should be made out of high quality metals, offering excellent corrosion resistance even when in contact with corrosive, hygroscopic brake fluid. Manufacturing tolerances and surface roughness should also be determined meticulously to ensure smooth operation and low wear. The rubber seals, finally, should also be durable, tear resistant and resistant to brake fluid and ageing.

It takes a lot of expertise to make a high quality wheel brake cylinder. Nipparts acquired this expertise over the years and keeps developing its knowhow. This way Nipparts can offer durable and reliable wheel brake cylinders in OE matching quality. Nipparts wheel brake cylinders are available for most Japanese and Korean cars.

Nipparts wheel brake cylinders:
  • Perfect operation due to high precision manufacturing
  • High service life due to high grade materials
  • OE matching fit and finish
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