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Hand Brake Cables

Every car is equipped with a mechanically operated brake. It secures the car when parked or stops the car when the main braking system fails. The mechanical brake can be controlled by hand or by an electric actuator, both using a Bowden cable to transfer the operating force and motion to the front or rear brakes.

As hand brake cables are situated underneath the car, they suffer from road dirt and water spray. In time, this will affect seals and cause the steel cable to rust and fray. The cable will seize, affecting brake performance or preventing parking/emergency brake operation. As this affects safety, worn, frayed or seized handbrake cables should be replaced immediately.

Of course, there are many manufacturers of hand brake cables around, but they do not always offer quality. The difference is in often in de details, like the grade of steel used for the centre cable, the resistance to corrosion, the form and fixation of the nipples, the presence and quality of a friction resistant sleeve and the quality of the outer cable harness.

As it is Nipparts policy to offer OE matching quality products only, Nipparts hand brake cables are made to OE specifications using first grade materials. Nipparts hand brake cables are available for most Japanese and Korean cars.

Nipparts hand brake cables:
  • High grade materials
  • Perfect fit
  • OE-matching quality
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