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Brake Pads

Brake pads are the business end of the braking system. Ultimately, the pads have to create the friction with the brake discs, allowing them to convert speed into heat. Creating the perfect friction material has become a science by itself. It is not just about finding the material that delivers the most friction, but to find the material that combines a high friction level with the best control. Not an easy job, as brake pads have to work as well at 700° Celsius as below freezing point. They also have to stay within the parameters of the ABS-system, which is tuned specifically to the performance of the OE brake pads.

High temperatures are the enemy of braking systems. At some point, friction will decrease, causing fading. High temperatures can also cause melting of brake disc surface and metal particles in the friction material, as well as "glazing" of the pads, causing a permanent loss of friction. The key to prevent this is to create a friction material and a pad shape that causes an adequate heat distribution along the surface of the pad, allowing optimum heat transfer to the disc. At the same time as little heat as possible should be transferred to the calipers, to prevent the brake fluid from boiling. Boiling brake fluid would cause compressible vapour bubbles, taking up your brake pedal stroke before building up brake pressure. This is also known as vapour lock.

Besides brake force, controllability and heat transfer, sound is also an important development item. If a brake pad "bites" to hard, it will start bouncing of the disc surface and bite again, causing an oscillation that causes an irritating, rattling or squealing sound. Sloping edges on the friction material and anti-noise shims on the rear of the back plate can prevent this from happening.

Nipparts brake parts are the result of more than 30 years of experience in brake pad technology and offer the best brake performance available. Nipparts brake parts offer durable friction materials with excellent heat transfer to the disk and optimum heat shielding to the calipers. Nipparts brake pads are free from heavy metals, so they are safe for the environment and for mechanics. A corrosion resistant coating prevents binding or seizing of the pads.

Nipparts brake parts provide safe and reliable braking performance under all driving circumstances. All brake pads comply with legal ECE R90 regulations and match the original car manufacturers fit, finish and quality.

Nipparts brake pads
  • Excellent friction level
  • Optimum control
  • Excellent heat distribution and transfer to the discs
  • Efficient heat shield to the calipers
  • Large life span due to durable friction material
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Complies with ECE R90 Regulations
  • OE-matching quality
Nipparts brake pads are easy to mount and come with all the accessories needed for installation. When required, a wear indicator is mounted or added.
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