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Brake Drums

Many cars have disc brakes on both the front and the rear axle. Drum brakes, however, are still very popular for rear brakes on small to mid sized cars. Brake discs are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and they can easily accommodate an emergency or parking brake system.

In a drum brake, the friction material is glued or riveted to a shoe. The shoe consists of a bent pressure plate and a perpendicular reinforcement plate, which provides the attachment points of the controls as well. When braking, the shoe is pushed outwards, against the inside of the drum, thus creating friction between the friction liner and the drum. The quality of the friction material is essential to the quality of the brake shoe. It should combine a high friction level with the best control possible. Also, the friction level should stay within the parameters of the ABS-system, which is tuned specifically to the performance of the OE brake shoes.

High temperatures are the enemy of braking systems. At some point, friction will decrease, causing fading. High temperatures can also cause damage to the drum as well as "glazing" of the friction liner, causing a permanent loss of friction. The key to prevent all this, is to create a friction material that causes an adequate heat distribution along the surface of the shoe, allowing optimum heat transfer to the drum.

Nipparts brake shoes are the result of more than 30 years of experience in friction technology and offer the best brake performance available. Nipparts brake shoes offer durable friction materials with excellent heat transfer to the drum. Nipparts brake shoes are free from heavy metals, so they are safe for the environment and for mechanics.

Nipparts brake parts provide safe and reliable braking performance under all driving circumstances. All brake pads comply with legal ECE R90 regulations and match the original car manufacturers fit, finish and quality.

Nipparts Brake Shoes:
  • Excellent friction level
  • Optimum control
  • Excellent heat distribution and transfer to the drum
  • Large life span due to durable friction material
  • Complies with ECE R90 Regulations
  • OE-matching quality
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