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Brake Discs

Brake discs are hot items. Together with the brake pads, they provide friction to convert the kinetic "speed" energy of a car into heat. A demanding job, as the brake disc has to perform at a wide temperature range, varying from below zero up to 700° Celsius. Friction has to stay up to par in this range; efficient heat transfer to the air and to the brake hub and rim should prevent the temperature from rising above the friction range, which would cause the brakes to fail due to fading.

Manufacturing precision and form stability are also very important properties for brake discs. As discs rotate at wheel speed, they should be perfectly balanced to prevent vibration. The slightest unevenness in the disc surface will also cause vibration when braking. That's why Nipparts brake discs are machined according to OE design and tolerances with a maximum run-out of 0,3 mm and a maximum DTV (hub run-out tolerance) of 0,01 mm. This ensures perfect mounting and prevents judder or vibration. A high strength, homogeneous steel quality ensures both low wear properties and high form stability in a high temperature range and during many heat cycles. A smooth OE/OES turned finish makes sure brake pads run in quick and easy.

Nipparts Brake discsOE matching design assure perfect mounting
Machine balanced according to OE tolerances or with a run-out maximum of 0.03 millimetre to prevent any vibrations after mounting
DTV (hub run-out tolerance) 0.01 millimetre
Corrosion prevention on axle centre hole and rim touch area to make the discs easy to install and ensure a seamless fit for 100% judder free driving
OE/OES Turned finish for quicker and easier brake pad bedding-in
Excellent heat dissipationAll Nipparts brake discs are manufactured according to stringent Nipparts quality requirements and European regulations. Nipparts brake discs meet and exceed the toughest requirements in the area of material homogeneity, steel specifications, dimensions and fit. This guarantees excellent braking performance, good balance, minimum production tolerances, perfect heat dissipation and durability.

Coated Nipparts brake discs

Rusty brake discs can ruin the appearance of your car. Especially on cars with open alloy rims, the exposed brake disc should look as crisp as the rim itself. That's why Nipparts developed special coated brake discs for the top segment Asian cars. Parts of the brake discs, which are not in contact with the brake pads, are protected against corrosion. That doesn't just look better, it also saves time in the workshop. As coated brake discs do not need the stock and transport protection oil, they don’t have to be cleaned prior to installing, saving valuable time.

High carbon brake discs

The demand for driving comfort is continuously increasing. Therefore, Nipparts offers a new addition to her existing product range: brake discs with a high grade of carbon. These brake discs are made of high-grade carbon grey cast iron, which improves heat dissipation. Temperature peaks are reduced, preventing the brake discs from warping due too overheating. Furthermore, our vented brake discs are 100 per cent accurately balanced. The result: vibration free braking, better brake performance, a longer service life and higher stability.
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