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Over the years, V-belts have proven to be reliable, low cost drive systems for generators, water pumps and other auxiliaries. As cars were getting more and more auxiliaries and more powerful generators, many cars were equipped with multi-rib belts instead, but for low power auxiliaries V-belts are still very popular.

V-belts are manufactured from a flexible, low wear rubber compound around a polyester cord harness to provide strength. In time, the rubber compound can age and deteriorate, causing cracks in the rubber compound and, ultimately, cracks in the carcass, causing the belt to break. V-belts should therefore be checked regularly. They should be replaced when showing signs of wear or at intervals specified by the car manufacturer.

Nipparts offers a complete range of V-belts for Asian and Korean cars. Nipparts V-belts are always of OE-matching quality and offer a high value for money ratio.

Nipparts V-Belts
  • High quality rubber
  • High strength carcass
  • OE matching quality
  • Wide range available
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