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Fuel Pumps

On older cars, the main task of the fuel pump was to bring fuel from the tank to the carburettor. The pump would usually be a membrane pump, driven by a special cam on the camshaft. Which means the pump was placed on the side of the engine or on the cylinder head, depending on the engine configuration. Some cars would feature electrical pumps rather than mechanical ones though, often placed near or even in the fuel tank.

As the fuel pump just had to fill up the float chamber, it didn't need to develop much pressure. In fact, if the tank had been higher than the carburettor, as it did on older motorcycles, these conventional fuel systems wouldn't even need a fuel pump at all.

Modern petrol cars don't have carburettors, but fuel injection systems, necessitating higher pressures up to 3.0 bar. Both mechanical and electrical pumps are applied to raise the pressure and transport the fuel. The pumps can be found on the engines, but many car manufacturers prefer an electrical pump in the fuel tank.

Fuel pumps are quite reliable, though malfunctions do occur. That's why Nipparts offers an assortment of fuel pumps for Asian cars. Nipparts fuel pumps are made to OE specifications and offer a large value for money ratio.

Nipparts Fuel Pumps
  • Available for older and modern cars
  • Made to OE specifications
  • OE matching quality
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