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Distributor Ignition

A spark plug needs a very high voltage of 15.000 to 30.000 volts to create a spark bridge between its electrodes. A transformer, called the ignition coil, creates this voltage. It is based on two principles of electricity: one is that a current in a coil creates a magnetic field; the other is that a changing electric field in a coil creates a current. So by putting two coils together you can change the voltage: the number of windings on the primary coils determines the strength of the magnetic field, the number of windings on the secondary coil determines the output voltage.

To make the ignition coil work, the current through the primary coil has to alternate. On older cars, that was done by periodically cutting the current to the coil by means of a set of "breaker points", basically a switch, operated by a small, rotating camshaft. The moment the points opened, the primary current stopped and the coil "fired" a pulse to the high-tension leads. A condenser over the breaker points protected the breaker points from burning away.

On multiple cylinder engines, a rotor on the camshaft mentioned earlier distributed the pulse amongst the cylinders. It rotated inside a distribution cap, connected to the different high-tension leads. The rotor would connect to the high-tension lead of the designated cylinder at the moment the high-tension pulse was fired.

Breaker points have been replaced by transistors and consequently, by computer controlled ignition systems, sequentially activating multiple ignition coils, placed directly over the spark plugs. Distributer caps and high-tension cables have become obsolete, eliminating possible failure sources in the process. Older cars are still around though, and Nipparts is still offering a very wide range of distributor ignition parts, like distributer caps, rotors, high-tension cables, breaker points and condensers.

Nipparts distributor ignition parts are produced using modern day technology, which is why these parts do not just match, but often exceed the original OE quality of the area.

Nipparts Distributor ignition parts
  • Wide range available
  • Matches or exceeds OE quality
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