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Coil Springs

Suspension coil springs have been popular with most car manufacturers for decades. Coil springs are compact and offer an easy way to determine the spring characteristics by varying the pitch between the coils. When compressing, coils with a small pitch will rest against each other, leaving the coils with the large pitch to carry the weight at an increased stiffness.

Due to the fast and ongoing suspension motions, the metal of a coil spring is prone to fatigue. Dirt and stones hitting the springs may chip the paint, water, salt and dirt provide an environment that will generate corrosion. Eventually, even an original coil spring will break or sag, needing replacement to restore handling and proper road contact.

When replacing coil springs, it is essential that the replacement spring offers the same characteristics as the original, as spring rate and progressiveness largely determine the behaviour of the car. That's why Nipparts coil springs are made to match the OE coils spring characteristics. Also, Nipparts coil springs are manufactured using high quality steel that can withstand the wear and tear of rapid and constant movement. A sturdy coating diminishes the chances of chipping and corrosion.

Nipparts Coil Springs:
  • Tailored to OE characteristics
  • High quality, fatigue resistant steel
  • High quality coating
  • Available for most Asian car models
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