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Windscreen Wiper Blades

When it comes to safety, visibility is every bit as important as good brakes or tire conditions. The ability to set the right course or to avoid obstacles can be highly compromised when worn or poor quality windshield wipers distort the drivers view.

It takes a lot of technology to produce a wiper that clears a windscreen properly and that keeps doing that for a long time. An even pressure distribution requires a correct dimensioning of the segments and the pressure plate, the rubber profile of the wiping blade determines whether the tip wipes at the correct angle. The rubber compound itself has to offer good wiping capability along with good durability and sufficient anti-aging properties. And for the mechanic, easy and quick installation is very important too, as it improves workshop efficiency.

Nipparts offers a very broad range of OE quality matching flat and universal blade windscreen wipers. These wipers fit a wide variety of cars with different kinds of wiper systems such as regular wipers, hidden wipers, rain-sensing wipers and rear wipers. Nipparts are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, offering:
  • Excellent pressure distribution
  • Optimum rubber profile for clean swiping
  • Durable rubber quality
  • Quick installation
  • Nipparts windscreen wipers come with all the necessary clips for quick and easy installation.
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